A Beatle in Streatham, London

Colour Streatham Beatle-0745

Reblogged from The Monochrome Muse | See this portrait in black and white and read why I approached a total stranger and asked if I could take a photograph of him for the 100 Perfect Strangers project by The Girl Who Clicked.

Blossom Time

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Time

Edited in Impression with ‘Turnerlight’

The Topaz Impression plug-in has been sitting on my computer, in Lightroom, unused for quite some time. Today, to keep my mind off a rather uncomfortable result of root canal treatment yesterday, I played around with a photo I took of cherry blossoms on the tree outside the dental surgery. Discomfort or not, I did not miss the opportunity to whisk out the Fujifilm X30 from my handbag and fire off a few shots of the gorgeous pink blooms.

Quite a nice painterly result produced I feel, how about you?