This Week {words and pictures}

This has been a week of disappointments:

~ disappointment that Mr E-D has to stay connected to his Vac-pump therapy a while longer, restricting mobility

~ disappointment that we will miss our visit to Buckingham Palace this weekend

~ disappointment not to be able to get out and about in the glorious weather today


On the bright side:

~ Luca posted a fabulous photo on The Monochrome Muse, his tribute to Swiss-American photographer Robert Frank

~ It’s the Belgian F1 Grand Prix at Spa this weekend (one of my favourites) oh how I’d love to drive the Eau Rouge Corner

~ I read this great post about ‘mindfulness’ by Grace of Grace Notes – a highly recommended read if, like me, you suffer from anxiety

~ Two of the three photos above resulted from spending time in my garden, playing around with in-camera motion blur

~ Buckingham Palace have told us our tickets will be validated to use next year – thanks, Your Maj!


How’s your week been? Would you like to share it with us in words and pictures?

You can share via comments, link to your blog or share on Twitter with the hashtags #wordspictures or #thisweek


I’m joining in with the lovely Jane, at Writing & Stuff, pop over and visit her to see how she’s spent her week.

Hope you had an enjoyable one.

3 thoughts on “This Week {words and pictures}

  1. Awww, Ellie I am so sorry to hear your week has not been so good. Hoping your weekend is proving better my dear. Your poor Husband he must be so fed up. Sending a big hug your way. Love your images, the colours are beautiful xxx


  2. Oh Ellie, it is so difficult to have one disappointment on top of the other and yet you managed to find some rays of sunshine as well. Sending a hug to you and prayers that your husband will soon be rid of that nasty vac-pump. I went through a similar situation when suffering complications from surgery and I used to try to turn it around by saying the device was my friend, LOL! I just tried to stay focus on the fact that it was helping me, even if I loathed it. 🙂 So glad my post spoke to you, dear friend! xx


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