This Week {words and pictures}

This week 31-07-15

This Week in {words and pictures}


~ Evening Sun on Clematis Jackmanii

~Flora (Goddess of Spring) shows her face on the blog

~ My sky -last day of July-  07-35 a.m.

~ The Garden Fork where Robins perch


This week has again been spent at home, with short forays food shopping,

learning to cook diabetic friendly meals,

replenishing all the bird feeders in the garden (there are many!) and

mowing lawns


Hope you’ve had an enjoyable week?
Why not share it in words and pictures by joining in with Jane’s ‘This Week’ over at Writing & Stuff
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4 thoughts on “This Week {words and pictures}

  1. Ellie, I love seeing your garden, it is so pretty and it makes me want to pop round for a cuppa and natter with you. Hope Mr E. D. is doing well and of course you, don’t forget to care for yourself too. Your Clematis is such a stunning colour and Flora is beautiful. Sending you a hug xx


    • Aww, thank you, Jane; I admit to exercising quite a bit of ‘selective’ framing when taking pictures of my garden. Once the clematis flowering is over and the rambling rose and one white rose in a pot have bloomed, it only leaves Flora to point my camera at! :/ xx


  2. Oh Ellie, your collage took my breath away! I love the cool colors, they are so soothing to me. I hope that your honey continues to mend, if you come across and tasty diabetic recipes let me know, as my husband is pre-diabetic and I am trying so hard to be good about limiting sugar! Have a wonderful week! xx


    • Thank you so much, Grace. Glad you enjoyed seeing a few photos of my garden, thanks also for your good wishes for Mr E-D, he’s progressing well day by day. I’ll drop you an email about recipes in the next few days 🙂 xx


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