This Week {words & pictures}

This week Photos July 24th

Joining the lovely Jane at Writing & Stuff in sharing my:  This Week {words & pictures}

~ being mostly confined to home on ‘nursing duties’ at the moment, this week was about taking photos in my garden

~ watching the bumblebees enjoy the wild clover

~ marvelling at how beautiful an ‘old-fashioned’ rose can be

~ yet again trying to capture a decent photo of my muse, ‘Flora’ Goddess of Spring

– experimenting with photographing  dead stuff  for ‘lovely dead crap‘ on Instagram


How has your week been?

Why not join in with the lovely Jane and share your {words and pictures} with @WSmostlywriting on Twitter

and use the hashtags #thisweek and/or #words&pictures

Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

4 thoughts on “This Week {words & pictures}

  1. So happy to have your company ‘this week’, Ellie!! What lovely words and pictures : ) There is definitely a kind of beauty in dead and decaying things. How are things with you? Hope your husband is recovering well? Have a good weekend xx


  2. I really enjoyed putting this storyboard together for your ‘this week’ feature. It’s a great idea and one that’s ideal to do for me at the moment. It’s amazing what you can find to photograph in your own back garden (though I fear I’ll soon run out of things of interest!) Love that ‘lovely dead crap’ Instrgram feed, I’ll have to get into using my Instagram account sooner or later – my phone camera’s not too good though 😦

    Mr E-D is doing well thanks, we’re learning fast what foods push up the blood sugar levels fast, and what don’t too. All a big learning curve, but we’re getting there. Hope all is good with you and yours – have a good weekend too 🙂


  3. This is a lovely idea ladies! I’ve been out of touch the last couple of weeks or so because of our theatre production but looking forward to getting back to my blog, you have inspired me! Glad to hear things are moving in the right direction for you and Mr E-D Ellie, have great weekend! 🙂


  4. Lovely photos, Ellie, and I’m so glad you’ve also joined Jane! I was unable to participate this week because we had no internet at the cabin where we stayed on vacation but will be back next week! So glad to hear that your husband is doing better. xx


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