A Walk in Bluebell Wood

Take a Walk Through Bluebell Wood

2014 (when the above photograph was taken) looks to have been a better year for the Bluebells than this year in my part of The Chiltern Hills. The probable reason being that as the wood is year on year becoming more well known, with many more visitors arriving to appreciate the spectacle, the blooms are being trodden underfoot. The foot traffic is destroying many plants, and so they are unable to multiply, resulting in an ever decreasing display each Springtime.

The wood is managed by The National Trust, who do an excellent job of looking after the woodland estate where these beautiful flowers grow. However, I do wish they would not do quite such an excellent job of advertising the location of the flowering bluebells for a year or two – maybe, just maybe helping them on the way back to previous numbers and remaining a vast sea of glorious blue.

A post especially for Grace, for whom I have included a featured image as well as the normal size post image for full effect.


23 thoughts on “A Walk in Bluebell Wood

    • Thank you – it’s a magical place when the Bluebells are in bloom. The Ashridge Estate, where this wood is located, is a favourite location for film-makers. Into the Woods, Maleficent and the Harry Potter films being just three of many others shot here over the years.

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    • Thank you – these beauties grow in ancient woodland that’s been around longer than we (mankind) have, that’s why we need to take great care of them. :))


  1. Ellie, thank you so much! This photo is so stunning. πŸ™‚ I agree with you, it is a shame that the increase in visitors is harming the bluebells. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wood as beautiful as this. xx


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