Bluebell Wood

Bluebell FlowersI am very fortunate to have an exceptional Bluebell Wood a matter of a 10 to 15 minutes drive away from my home. The wood is located on a country estate that is now managed by The National Trust, an exceptionally fine organisation that takes care of many magnificent historical homes, gardens and buildings, of all shapes and sizes, throughout the UK.

This has been a tricky year, I feel, to capture a photo of these lovely blooms at their best. Not being a lark but a night owl, I did not manage once this bluebell season to rise with the aforementioned little bird and catch those glorious early morning rays bathing the blooms in beautiful light through the leafy canopy of the Beech Trees, below which they nestle.

So far, it has been a cold Spring in The Chilterns, with a chilling and vicious north wind keeping temperatures particularly ‘parkie’ when the sun decided to hide behind the clouds. Clouds of which there have been many, rolling in by 8.00 to 9.00 a.m., blanketing the skies in pale grey and not clearing until late evening.  Not ideal for photographing bluebells in the tricky light of a Beech Wood. At bluebell time, if we are fortunate to have a sunny, bright, dry and warm Spring, the light in the wood is magical, vividly highlighting the blue flowers and casting fantastic shadows across the few paths and many trunks of the trees in the wood.

Between now and next April/May’s bluebell time, I must practice rising early to greet the day. Who knows, I may even learn to keep up with my fellow Chiltern Hills photographer acquaintance and be up and out to the bluebell wood at 4.00 a.m! A dedicated landscape photographer, utterly, utterly mad, he captures fantastic landscape photos while many of us are still at slumber.

5 thoughts on “Bluebell Wood

    • Thank you Jane – I was a bit disappointed with my shots this year, this being about the only one I thought was passable. Did you click through to Damian’s flickr stream at all? He takes amazing photos all over the UK, not just of the Chilterns area. xx


  1. Ellie, what a lovely wood! It matches so well with the daffodils at Laurel Ridge Farm. 🙂 I would have a difficult time waking up at the break of dawn as well. I adore bluebells and have never seen a field as beautiful as this. xx

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  2. Oh, it certainly is a beautiful wood when these lovely flowers are in full bloom, Grace. I have a better photo than this one from last year. I’ll reblog it here – warning though, it might make you want to come over to the UK next April/May and visit my area of The Chiltern Hills 🙂 🙂


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