May Sunset {Envelope II}

Golden Sky

Now in his Palace of the West, sinking to slumber, the bright Day, like a tired Monarch fann’d to rest, ‘mid the cool airs of evening lay; while round his couch’s golden rim, the gaudy clouds, like courtiers, crept — struggling each other’s light to dim, and catch his last smile, e’er he slept.

– Thomas Moore

Nature, drawing a last daytime breath, bathes the sky with brilliant glory, then, more quickly than one may think, withdraws the sun’s warming rays to cast an altogether colder aura that will envelope the night in quiet darkness.

5 thoughts on “May Sunset {Envelope II}

  1. Thank you so much. At this time of year, the sun sets immediately in front of my home, disappearing down behind the arable fields – I get to see some spectacular sunsets when the weather is kind 🙂


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